To help your session with VM Headshots run smoothly we have the following tips.

A FEW DAYS BEFORE: Please send over an image of yourself, this helps us to prepare in terms of lighting and composition.

CLOTHING FOR THE HEADSHOT SESSION: Please bring a few neutral tops to change into (Preferably no stripes, patterns or large logos).  Black, blue, purple, white or grey are good colours (also a couple of T shirts and vests of the same colours). Bring along a top or jacket of your choice that is a little bit more special (to give us an extra option).

MAKE-UP: If you wear make-up it should be as natural as possible for your headshot session (headshot images are all about you with minimal distractions). We can also supply a make-up service if you would prefer to have a particular look created for you on the day. There is an extra cost for this service.

AFTER THE SHOOT: After your session we will go through the images together to make the selection, then they are processed. It’s important you are happy. Striking headshots are about bringing your personality to the forefront, so we keep retouching to a minimum.  Then we’ll send your finished high resolution image/s to you via WeTransfer. If you would like to print the images we recommend; The Print Space (, they print to a high quality and are very reasonable.

We normally ask clients if they are happy for their image to be used to promote VM Headshots online and in print.  Please let us know if you would not like your image to be used.

We hope that you will be happy with the results.  We ask all customers to credit the images in the following way: “image by”.  Please also follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, we want to know how you’re doing so please keep in touch by using @VMHEADSHOTS and #VMHEADSHOTS in your posts.

“The teams ability to keep an eye on what is ‘real’ and to understand the bigger picture is a constant, in their work and nature.” Sarine Sofair